We make you think us again


Yarns : 

We have Spacious Godown for Handling Various Sorts / Qualities Yarns.


4 Machines of 40 Spindles Reeling Machines. Cone Machine with 24 cone Capacity. Each Cone have 1 kg, 1.25 kg, 1.50 kg Yarns Depending upon count of Yarns.

Fabrics :

Preparatory Process flow, Warping and Loom Shed With 26 Looms of Somet, Rapier for Widths upto 84 inches and 12 Looms for Widths upto 136 inches.

We can handle Roll Packing of Fabrics

Fabrics Finishing:                        

Water Washing, Zero-Zero finishing, Softener Wash, Mercerising, Silicon Finish.

Finished Products :

Cut and Sew facility with 20 Sewing Machines.

Checking & Packing :

Quality Control Team Works Starting from Yarn Stage to End Product With Continues Monitoring & Quality Maintance as per Requirements.

Quality Reports at Each stage Submitted to Respective Team for Necessary Action.